The Serenity Society is a collective of like-minded, health concious, elevated souls who seek high vibes, low-tox living, peace + serenity.

Elevate + enhance your family’s lives, one drop at a time, through the power + beauty of mother nature. Potent + effective, essential oils can replace toxins in your home, beauty routine, and medicine cabinet so that you can live a life that’s high vibe + low-tox.

Welcome! I’m Kelly-
I’m a mindful mama of 2 little boys, Teddy + Vaughn, and the sweetest baby girl, Esme. As an Essential Oils Educator and Yoga Teacher I’m passionate about sharing simple ways you can create a life of health, wellness, and abundance. Essential oils, yoga, and meditation found their way into my life during times of desperation when I had nowhere else to turn. The emotional and physical results I’ve experienced is nothing short of miraculous! It is my mission to share these brilliant, natural, simple, and ancient tools, with those open to learning.

Peace + Love!