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A Human Design Report created EXCLUSIVELY for YOU:

My Aura Map

My Aura Map is personalized Human Design report that explores and teaches you the foundations of your unique design. This 40+ page personalized report covers your Energy type, Strategy + Authority, Alignment Themes, Definition, Profile, Energy Centers and Channels (Innate Gifts).


“All it takes is the readiness to take that journey, to disconnect from the madness of the Not-Self world and it’s Not-Self purposes, to rediscover the dignity of what it is to be you. It’s a wonderful thing to love yourself. It TRULY is MAGIC.”

– Ra Uru Hu


Hello, my name is Kelly, and I’m a 6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator. I discovered Human Design, or rather it found me after the birth of my third baby. I was at a crossroads in my work, and in life. I felt called to pivot into something that resonated with my heart. Human Design crossed my path multiple times before I decided to look deeper into the wisdom it offered, and when I gave it a chance I was blown away! I was drawn to Astrology and all things esoteric as a child and teen. In 2006 my roommate introduced me to the world beyond your basic Sun Sign Astrology and newspaper horoscopes. There were other planets, and houses… I was so intrigued.

In 2014 after having my first baby I left the corporate world and service industry to teach Yoga. I spent 500+ hours in training and taught for many years. Yoga led me to Reiki, which I became a Practitioner of in 2016 after having a profound experience with Reiki during my second pregnancy. This is where my understanding of the Chakra system developed.

When I realized that Human Design wasn’t just this new modality but a synthesis of Astrology, the Chakra system, Kabbalah, the I Ching, and Quantum Physics, I HAD to know the inner workings. I was certified in 2020 as a Human Design Reader, and I continue to be a student. I was called to create My Aura Map in 2022. I wanted to be able to share this wisdom in a simple way. As a mom of 3 little ones (a Manifestor, Projector and Manifesting Generator) I saw how empowering Human Design was for our family. I imagine a world where parents, caretakers and educators all have this knowledge. What a world it could be if we all were taught to live as OURSELVES!



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About Human Design

Human Design was channeled by Founder, Ra Uru Hu in 1987. It’s a synthesis of Astrology, the Hindu-Brahman Chakra system, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the I-Ching (an ancient Chinese text 5000+ years old), Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and even Genetics. The way all of these modalities intertwine is profound and what we’re left with is essentially a map of our Aura, or energy field. Your Aura is the electromagnetic field that encompasses your physical and energetic bodies. It’s the way we process and filter energy/information. Each one of us has a distinctly individual aura and this is what Human Design teaches us. Ra called it “the Science of Differentiation”.

It shows us where we receive energy (and potentially conditioning) from the outside world, and where we transmit energy from our core outwards. The Open/Undefined or White Centers, Channels and Gates are where you’re a receiver of energy. The Defined or Colored in parts of your chart are where you transmit your fixed/consistent energy.

This map of your aura is calculated by taking your birth date, time and location. This gives us your “Conscious Personality”. You may notice that the planets and signs in your Conscious Personality are the same as your Astrological Natal Chart. The second calculation is taken approximately 3 months prior (88° exactly) and this is your body and “Unconscious Design”. Together they form your Quantum Design.

The goal of Human Design is to learn how to tap into the wisdom of your body, heart and soul. To learn how to listen to your inner Authority without letting the mind override it. It teaches us that while the mind is great for conceptualizing and computing, it’s role is not Decision-Maker.

Human Design is a deeply transformational experiment that opens the potential for you to live as the highest expression of YOURSELF.

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