Welcome! I’m Kelly,

I teach you HOW to intimately connect with your TRUE self, the purest version of YOU who wants to be energetically UNLOCKED and FREE.

You came here with an energetic blueprint, a specific signature unique throughout all of space and time. It’s perfectly designed to align you to your PURPOSE. However, LIFE imprints conditioning upon us that blocks and dims our innate gifts. Through Human Design, along with insights from Astrology and the Gene Keys, I help clients understand HOW they can live in effortless alignment by understanding and resonating with their truest nature.

As an eternal student on a mission to KNOW THYSELF, and a mom of three little ones (a Manifestor, Projector and Manifesting Generator) I see how empowering Human Design and Astrology have been for our family. To know and respect how our energy operates is the best way we can show respect to our loved ones, and the collective as a whole. By living in alignment with ourselves, we inspire and elevate humanity. Imagine a world where individuals, partners, parents, caretakers, healers, and educators all have this knowledge…

What a world it could be if we all were taught to live as OURSELVES!

“All it takes is the readiness to take that journey, to disconnect from the madness of the Not-Self world and it’s Not-Self purposes, to rediscover the dignity of what it is to be you. It’s a wonderful thing to love yourself. It TRULY is MAGIC.”

– Ra Uru Hu

Your Design Human Design Report

A Human Design Report created EXCLUSIVELY for YOU:

Your Design

Your Design is personalized Human Design report that explores, and teaches you, the foundations of your unique design. This 40+ page report covers your Energy type, Strategy + Authority, Alignment Themes, Definition, Profile, Energy Centers and Channels (Innate Gifts).



Your Design Human Design Report
Aura Alignment Human Design Reading
Astro Analysis Astrology Reading

About Human Design

Human Design Bodygraph

Human Design was channeled by Founder, Ra Uru Hu in 1987. It’s a synthesis of Astrology, the Hindu-Brahman Chakra system, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the I-Ching (an ancient Chinese text 5000+ years old), Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and even Genetics. The way all of these modalities intertwine is profound and what we’re left with is essentially a map of our Aura, or energy field. Your Aura is the electromagnetic field that encompasses your physical and energetic bodies. It’s the way we process and filter energy/information. Each one of us has a distinctly individual aura and this is what Human Design teaches us. Ra called it “the Science of Differentiation”.

The goal of Human Design is to learn how to tap into the wisdom of your body, heart and soul. To learn how to listen to your inner Authority without letting the mind override it. Human Design is a deeply transformational experiment that opens the potential for you to live as the highest expression of YOURSELF.

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Essential Oils

The Apothecary:

Glowing skin. Elevated mood. Peaceful sleep. Immune + hormonal support. Non-toxic cleaning. Cooking + cleansing. Essential Oils can offer ample value to your body, mind, spirit + home. I’ve helped hundreds of families get started + I would LOVE to guide you on this holistic path.