My name is Kelly, I’m an Astrologer + Human Design Analyst (+ a 6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator), Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Essential Oils Educator, and Mama of three, Teddy, Vaughn, + Esme. I’m passionate about sharing these tools and the intricate, yet simple, ways they can enhance your life. The emotional and physical results I’ve personally experienced are nothing short of miraculous! I believe EVERYONE can benefit from these tools and it is my calling to show you how.


Aura Reflections + Soul Gifts:

Every human on this planet has a unique blueprint + soul-calling. Through Human Design + Astrology we can discover who we are, what gifts are innately ours, + how we can use our energy to create more FLOW + reach our highest potential.

The Serenity Society doTERRA
Essential Oils

The Apothecary:

Glowing skin. Elevated mood. Peaceful sleep. Immune + hormonal support. Non-toxic cleaning. Cooking + cleansing. Essential Oils can offer ample value to your body, mind, spirit + home. I’ve helped hundreds of families get started + I would LOVE to guide you on this holistic path.