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Essential Oils have the ability to empower us as mothers. We can offer natural solutions to our family’s everyday needs while teaching our children to tune in to their own bodies and intuition.

I’m the mom to 3 little ones and I had my first A-HA moment with essential oils when Teddy, my oldest who’s now 5, had a bad diaper rash around 6 months old. Our first set of oils had arrived a couple of months prior. In my oily research I discovered that Lavender Essential Oil mixed with some coconut oil could be really effective. I took my organic coconut oil out of the kitchen, put some in my hand, added 1 drop of Lavender and applied it topically to Teddy. To my complete surprise his rash had disappeared by the next change! I was able to help him with something so simple + pure. And from that point on I was ALL IN.

Since that moment I’ve used doTERRA Essential Oils on my babies, children, and to support myself during pregnancy and postpartum. They’ve helped us emotionally, physically, and to reduce the toxins in our products and home.

I’m going to share my favorite oils, blends, and tips. These are based on my personal experiences with doTERRA’s essential oils and I encourage you to trust your intuition when introducing anything new to your family. You ALWAYS know what’s best for your littlest loves (and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!)


“Are essential oils safe to use on little ones? Or during pregnancy?” The 2 most common questions I receive. Here’s my answer:

1. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Not all oils are created equal and this is an industry that’s not governed, while also growing in popularity. Buy your oils direct, never from a 3rd party. Confirm the SOURCING + TESTING. This is important for safety, but also efficacy. Why spend your money on oils that don’t provide the results you’re looking for??

2. I always answer these questions with a question- “What are you using instead?” We’re so quick to question unfamiliar, yet healthier options, and don’t think twice about using chemical-filled products or popping a pill. These oils can be used safely to help you and your family in thousands of ways. Education is key!


Tiny bodies only need a fraction of what our adult bodies need to be effective. When using essential oils topically I recommend diluting with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, rosehip oil or argan oil.

Babies (0-24 months) – 1% dilution ratio is recommended. 1-3 drops of essential oil per 10ml of carrier oil.

Children (2+) – 2% dilution ratio is recommended. 3-6 drops of essential oil per 10ml of carrier oil.


Diffusing essential oils is a great way to cleanse the air, open tiny airways, promote rest and relaxation, or alertness and focus. This is the most simple, and cost effective way to use the oils. I highly recommend this method when getting started.


This is a list of our personal favorites. You can interchange these with other oils and I encourage you to experiment and find what works best for your family!

BEDTIME: (30 minutes before bed)

DIFFUSE- Serenity Restful Blend + Vetiver OR Frankincense + Sandalwood (Vetiver is my GO-TO OIL for my oldest. The absolute MOST calming oil in our home.)

TOPICALLY- Apply Calmer Kids Blend OR dilute Lavender + Vetiver and apply to the bottoms of feet


Our favorites are Lavender + Roman Chamomile. Add 1 – 2 drops to your child’s bath to promote relaxation. If they’re feeling a little under the weather, Arborvitae is great for boosting tiny immune systems!


DIFFUSE- OnGuard Protective Blend + Arborvitae

TOPICALLY- Apply to the bottoms on feet OnGuard Touch or Stronger Kids Blend. For newborns, doTERRA’s Rose Touch provides an incredible immune boost while being super gentle.


Babies- Apply a diluted blend of Fennel, Cardamom + Wild Orange to the belly.

Kids- Apply DigestZen Touch to the belly.


DIFFUSE: Breathe Respiratory Blend, Siberian Fir or Arborvitae

TOPICALLY: For older Children apply Breathe Touch or dilute Breathe Blend to the bottoms of the feet, or directly on the chest. For babies, the mint oils in Breathe can be a little too intense. I like to use Cardamom + Frankincense to promote clear airways.


Copaiba on the gums has been SO helpful for Esme my littlest. I also like to roll Calmer or a combination of Lavender + Roman Chamomile on the jawline. Clove is found in most teething gels (in the synthetic form) and has a numbing effect. It works really well but most babies don’t like the taste. Before we had Copaiba I would dilute Clove with coconut oil and be ready to give them milk immediately.


Cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises- these happen daily when you have toddlers and kids running around. I love to use Lavender for burns, Helichrysum for bruises, and Melaleuca (Tea Tree) for scrapes and cuts for its antibacterial properties. doTERRA also has THE best ointment called Correct X that includes the best oils to promote healing and is petroleum-free. A total MUST-HAVE for moms! For growing pains- Rescuer Kids Blend is fantastic!


DIFFUSE- At home we like to diffuse a blend of Rosemary (great for memory), Peppermint (for concentration), and Wild Orange (for confidence). 2 drops of each in a diffuser will run for 4 – 6 hours.

TOPICALLY- Before school I either apply Thinker Kids Blend or InTune Focus Blend to the back of the neck.


DIFFUSE- Balance Grounding Blend + Wild Orange (aka: The Toddler Tamer). And as I said before, I absolutely LOVE Vetiver!

TOPICALLY- Apply Frankincense Touch to the spine or bottoms of feet as well as diluted Copaiba.

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My hope is that my experiences have inspired you to take charge of your family’s health + wellness. These gifts from the earth are powerful and effective. I would also like you to keep in mind that essential oils do not replace medicine, but should be used as a preventive measure or in combination with traditional medicine. ALWAYS trust your gut instinct, and if you still feel unsure, consult your physician.

Peace, love + wellness

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