Raise Your Vibration with Essential Oils

Raise your vibration with essential oils

Everything has a vibrational frequency. People, plants, food, rocks, water, thoughts… anything and everything is made up of tiny molecules that are constantly in motion. The rate at which something vibrates, it’s frequency, is measurable and measured in megahertz.

The average healthy human body is typically between the range of 62-72 MHz. When we are experiencing a cold/flu- the average drops to 58 MHz. When a human body is in incredible dis-ease, cancer for example, the average can drop to 42 MHz. However, frequencies can go up and down and we have the ability to control it. Incredible, right?

Our food, water, air, and thoughts all have vibrational frequencies that our bodies attune themselves to. Leafy greens, they’re around 70 MHz, whereas meat is between 3-7 MHz. Our thoughts- well, positive thoughts can raise our vibration 10-12 MHz while negative thoughts and feelings can lower it just as much.

Now what’s truly amazing is that essential oils have the highest frequencies of any organic substance. Based on the fact that our vibrations can be affected by our surroundings, high vibe essential oils can have a massive impact on our overall health and wellness. Plus this isn’t the only positive way they affect our bodies. Essential oils can help to detoxify, reduce inflammation, uplift our moods and give us a sense of peace, comfort and groundedness.

So grab some pure EOs + raise your vibe!

vibrational frequency of essential oils

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