Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials
Traveling with essential oils + supplements + clean/green products is an absolute MUST for our family. It can be easy to let your normal routine and priorities slide when you’re traveling. Being outside of your home means you don’t have quick access to all your products, foods, and comforts. But a little extra prep work can keep your physical and emotional health at optimal levels, even when you’re on the go!


ONGUARD CLEANER CONCENTRATE – Add to a rollerbottle and use as a stain stick.

ONGUARD + PEPPERMINT BEADLETS – Immune + digestive support on the go.

ONGUARD SOFTGELS – I take 2 before I get on the plane, and 1 each day I’m away to give my immune system a boost. The softgels contain Melissa, Black Pepper, and Oregano essential oils on top the OnGuard Protective Blend. So they’re supercharged!

SERENITY + COPAIBA SOFTGELS – Travel jitters? 1-2 of each when you leave the house before traveling or flying. I also take 1-2 of each 30 minutes before bed if I’m restless. Best sleep ever.

ONGUARD HANDSOAP + PUMP – So much better than hotel soap or anything you can buy from the store. Plus, you can use it to clean. (I have cleaned many-a-breast pump part with this soap on the go!)

ONGUARD SANITIZING SPRAY – I basically spray this on all children and surfaces that children might touch. Especially on planes!

CORRECT X – I never leave the home without this ointment. It’s petroleum-free, contains the top oils for skin, and can be used for cuts, burns, scrapes, and even extra dry lips.

SLIM + SASSY METABOLIC GUM – Energy boost, metabolism boost, and sugar free.

BATH GEL – I use this with a loofah, and it also makes an awesome bubble bath for the kids.

BODY BUTTER – I prefer this lotion for traveling because it’s EXTRA hydrating, and because it doesn’t have a pump I find it’s the least likely to leak en route.

SAMPLE PACKS – I buy the Shampoo + Conditioner, OnGuard toothpaste, and Deep Blue rub sample packs from doTERRA and travel with those instead of the full-sized bottles.

VERAGE SKINCARE SYSTEM – I’m big on skincare. I would choose it over makeup any day! This system contains a facewash, toner, serum and moisturizer that’s plant-based, full of anti-aging oils, and fantastic!

DIFFUSER – I bring a diffuser with me anywhere I go. I even have a diffuser in the car. But my favorite diffuser to travel with is doTERRA’s Lumo Diffuser. I love that it has a setting to diffuse for 10 hours, 5 minutes on/5 minutes off.

LIFELONG VITALITY PACK – 3 wholefood supplements- Multivitamin (MicroPlex MvP), Omegas (EOmega Complex), and the Cellular Complex full of antioxidants, adaptogens, + polyphenols (Alpha CRS). There is no possible way to eat the amount of food equal to the nutrition that’s packed into these supplements!!

PB ASSIST – Probiotic. 100% necessary.

TERRAZYME – Digestive enzymes help keep everything regular while traveling. I take 1 in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 with each meal. Lifesavers!

MITO2MAX – For energy and stamina.

KIDS A-Z CHEWABLES + PROBIOTICS – If I’m traveling with the kids I ALWAYS bring their supplements. Crucial to keeping their little bodies healthy.

Essential Oils:
DIGESTZEN – All things digestion. Drink 1 drop in water. Drop under the tongue. Or rub on belly.

ONGUARD – Immune systems need extra support when traveling. Rub on bottoms of feet. Diffuse.

AROMATOUCH – Puffiness after flying, tension, or sore muscles + joints? Rub into area of need.

SERENITY – Calm + Chill. Apply topically (as a mom of 3 this is basically my favorite perfume) + diffuse. I diffuse this EVERY NIGHT- love to blend it with Balance, Breathe, or Frankincense.

BALANCE – Anxious feelings? Tantruming toddlers? Or perhaps some destination yoga? You need this on you and in a diffuser for sure.

FRANKINCENCE – Cellular support. Grounding. And one of the best oils for dry or sunburnt skin.

COPAIBA – Supports nervous and cardiovascular systems. Better than CBD- and more pure.

LAVENDER – All things calming. Calming to the skin, body, mind + emotions.

SPEARMINT – I always bring a rollerbottle of Peppermint, so for cooling effects on the skin, mild digestive aid, a minty kick to my beverages, or a pick-me-up diffuser blend with citrus oils, I like to bring a full sized bottle of spearmint.

BREATHE – Respiratory support. Inhale from bottle or diffuse.

TERRASHIELD – Natural insect repellent.

2-3 CITRUS OILS – I love them all so much but I force myself to choose a couple when I travel. Lemon, Wild Orange, Lime, Grapefruit, Green Mandarin, or any of the exclusive citruses are cleansing to the body, provided and cleansing and energizing boost when diffused, and they taste great in water! (Make sure you’re drinking citrus oils out of glass, stainless steel or ceramic and NOT plastics.)

Essential Oil Rollerbottles:
ROSE – Skin + Immune Support. Gentle for babies.

PEPPERMINT – I roll this on my temples for tension, back of neck as a pick-me-up, and lips for fresh breath + a natural plumper.

MAGNOLIA – Peace + Calm.

IMMORTELLE – Blend of powerhouse skin oils. Anti-aging + damage control.

MANUKA – Major immune support.

JASMINE – All things lady-related. From cramps to moods to sudden temperature changes.

DEEP BLUE – Soothes muscles + joints.

DOTERRA KIDS LINE – I bring all 6 oils in the kids line whenever I travel with them. They love them and I love them too!

BLANK ROLLERS: I also fill 2-3 empty rollers with Fractionated Coconut Oil so that I can add essential oils afterwards depending on what my needs are.

Of course there are so many different oils you could bring! And many overlap too which can save on space. Choose your favorites! You honestly can’t go wrong!

What are your essential oil travel musts??? Share below!
Xo- Kelly

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Traveling with essential oils

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