Essential Oils: Sip + Savor for Wellness

Essential Oils: Sip + Savor for Wellness

Using Essential Oils Internally

Using essential oils internally goes beyond aromatic (diffusing), or topical (putting oils on your skin) use, and offers a new way to support your organs, cells, physical + emotional wellness.

Below I’ve shared some internal use safety tips as well as my TOP oils to drink + why. You can also put essential oils in a veggie capsule and take them like a vitamin, but in this post I’ve focused on oils you can add to your beverages.

Keep in mind that I am SPECIFICALLY speaking to doTERRA’s essential oils. MOST “essential oils” on the market are nothing more than fragrance and could be potentially dangerous to ingest. doTERRA’s oils are not only SAFE, they’re indicated for, and RECOMMENDED to use internally for certain results.

Xo- Kelly

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