Capricorn Season: Essential Oils + Mantras

Essential Oils for Capricorn
Capricorn season~

I love these oils for Capricorn, but there are aspects of each sign in us all, and even more so while the sun is in that sign. I always encourage you to use the oils you’re drawn to, but try experimenting with these 3 right now 😉 Eucalyptus is the oil of wellness. Fennel represents responsibility and helps us to live in integrity. Jasmine assists with intimacy + self-acceptance.

Here’s more about each:

Eucalyptus – This oil teaches us to take responsibility for our own health. When we release the feeling of powerlessness over our own bodies we call in WELLNESS for the mind, BODY + soul.

Fennel – When you’re feeling defeated Fennel can help to restore faith in your SELF + ignite the fires in your heart + soul.

Jasmine – This oil promotes self-acceptance, trust, purity + intimacy. In some cultures Jasmine also represents love + beauty. AND it’s a great choice for reducing anxious or stressful feelings, especially when they revolve around shame.


Eucalyptus Essential Oils for Capricorn Season
Fennel Essential Oils for Capricorn Season
Jasmine Essential Oils for Capricorn Season

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