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Pisces Season: Essential Oils + Mantras

Pisces Essential Oils and Mantras
Pisces Season

Pisces is creative, intuitive, dreamy + the final sign of the zodiac. These 3 oils embody these aspects of Pisces + will be a great way for all to tap into these magical energies. Juniper Berry is the oil of night. Copaiba is all about unveiling. Wild Orange represents abundance + creativity.
Here’s more on each oil:
Juniper Berry – This oil helps us dispel the darkness, face our fears + our own shadows. It offers protection as we navigate through the deep dark waters of our soul + into the peaceful light of self-awareness.
Copaiba – This is the oil of unveiling. It helps us shift from low vibe emotions like shame + guilt, to a higher vibrational state of love + clarity.
Wild Orange – This bright, bold + playful oil helps us to tap into our creativity + abundance mindset. By releasing rigidness + the belief in scarcity, we create a path for our wildest dreams to manifest knowing there is always enough!

Pisces Essential Oils and Mantras
Pisces Essential Oils and Mantras
Pisces Essential Oils and Mantras

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