Human Design + Essential Oils: Manifestors

Human Design Manifestor Essential Oils

To all the fire-starting Manifestors, here are my top essential oil picks for you!

I actually have two very important Manifestors in my life, my son Teddy, + my brother Sean 🤍

Manifestors are here to innovate, create + initiate. Their Strategy is “to inform” and because this type moves so quickly on their urges (which is energetically correct for them) it’s really important that they clue in the people around them who may be affected by their actions.

LAVENDER, the oil of calm + communication, is an oil that can really help a Manifestor inform in a way that is HEARD by others. This is what creates less resistance, which will help a Manifestor feel at peace.

The Manifestor Not-Self Theme is Anger. When anger comes up for you it’s a sign you’re not living your design. Maybe you’ve come up against roadblock? Maybe you haven’t informed others and your creative process is being slowed down?…

CARDAMOM is an oil that I use very often, and very effectively, for anger. It’s the oil of objectivity and can help bring balance, mental + emotional clarity, and peace.

Peace is the sign that a Manifestor is aligned with their purpose + genius.

COPAIBA is calming, but as the oil of unveiling it can provide clarity + inspire. Inspiration that aligns with purpose is a combo that can get a Manifestor right back on track.

Xo- Kelly

Human Design Essential Oils Lavender Manifestor
Human Design Essential Oils Cardamom Manifestor
Human Design Essential Oils Copaiba Manifestor

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