Human Design + Essential Oils: Manifesting Generators

Human Design Manifesting Generators and Essential Oils

Manifesting Generators- these are my TOP OILS for you!

My daughter Esme + I are both Man Gens (+ both Virgo ☀️). I chose these oils because of my personal experience with them. I’ve been using essential oils daily since 2014. They play a huge role in my life. I can’t imagine NOT having these powerful plant essences in my routine.

**Make sure you do your research when purchasing essential oils, most are NOT pure oils, most are fragrance. You will not get the same results from those. I prefer doTERRA’s, as they’ve tested the most pure for me, and as a Virgo, you know that purity is everything to me!**

Manifesting Generators are a hybrid of Manifestors + Generators. They move quickly + spontaneously through life. They’re here to create, play, + follow their bliss! Their Strategy is to “wait to respond” AND “to inform”. For an MG, this strategy can feel like it’s slowing them down, but when it’s followed it actually gets them to their destination faster.

CLARY SAGE, is the oils of clarity + vision. It’s also incredibly calming. When an MG is waiting for something to respond to, especially if they have Emotional Authority (EXTRA waiting), this oil can bring a lot of relief in the form of patience.

The Manifesting Generator Not-Self Theme is Frustration + Anger. These emotions are a sign they’ve been thrown off track.

SANDALWOOD is deeply peaceful oil that connects us back to source, the divine, faith, etc. It’s an oil I personally use in meditation for this exact reason. Sometimes as an MG when you’re in this internal creative process and you get interrupted, it can feel really frustrating. Sandalwood can help reconnect you to your WHY + your truest passions. When you remember why you’re in this creative process + action, you can find peace knowing that all things are interconnected and worth the wait.

Satisfaction + Peace are the signs that a Manifesting Generator is living aligned to their design.

GREEN MANDARIN is the oil of pure potential. When an MG is aligned, they’re unstoppable! They have boundless sacral energy for all their creative endeavors + Green Mandarin encourages them to DREAM.

Xo- Kelly

Human Design Essential Oils for Manifesting Generators
Human Design Essential Oils for Manifesting Generators
Human Design Essential Oils for Manifesting Generators

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