Human Design + Essential Oils: Projectors

Human Design Projector Essential Oils

My second born, Vaughn is a 1/3 Projector. He goes from this yogi/guru full of calm wisdom, to Tony Stark (Iron Man) so intelligent, so creative, with the quickest wit.

I have a soft spot for the Projectors in my life + I chose these oils out of pure love for this guiding force 🤍 I hope you enjoy this selection!

Projectors need to wait for an invitation before making big decisions in their life. After that they can soar + create! In between invites it’s important for them to follow their bliss. Doing what they love + allowing for ample rest periods will attract the right invites.

TULSI (HOLY BASIL), is the oil of spiritual integration. A powerful adaptogen that helps with balance, restoration + flow. Inhale + apply to the crown + temples.

THYME is the oil of releasing + forgiving. Bitterness is the emotional theme for Projectors and can be a sign that they don’t feel valued, or they’re not valuing themselves. Thyme is cleansing to the body, mind + soul. It can help one move from bitterness to love + forgiveness. Dilute + apply over heart or bottoms of feet.

WILD ORANGE is the oil of abundance! A Projector who feels valued will have a compelling aura that attracts invitations, and the correct invite allows the Projector to share their innate wisdom + gifts. Wild Orange inspires + uplifts. It promotes creativity + creation. Diffuse. Inhale. Dilute + apply over the sacral (low belly).

Xo- Kelly

Human Design Projector Essential Oils
Human Design Projector Essential Oils
Human Design Projector Essential Oils

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