Human Design + Essential Oils: Generators

Human Design and Essential Oils Generator

The Generator strategy is waiting to respond with your sacral (this sounds like “uh-huh” or “un uh”) before taking action. This requires patience + trust. FRANKINCENSE is the oil of Truth. It can help one feel a deeper connection to their bodies + Source energy. It can also be grounding helping one feel more aligned + connected. Inhale. Diffuse. Apply to the crown, spine or behind ears. Drop under the tongue.

Frustration in Generators can arise from listening to the mind/conditioning vs. trusting + listening to the sacral response. This takes practice + time to recognize, but an oil like ROMAN CHAMOMILE, the oil of spiritual purpose, can help Generators feel connected + supported on their own unique path. Inhale. Diffuse. Sip in water or tea. Apply to upper chakras.

GINGER is the oil of empowerment. It encourages us to be fully present + in control of our own lives. As a Generator, listening to your sacral response + releasing blame will help you to feel unstuck. Ginger helps transform powerlessness into purpose. Inhale. Diffuse. Sip. Dilute + apply over belly.


Xo-  Kelly

Human Design Essential Oils Generator Frankincense
Human Design Essential Oils Generator Roman Chamomile
Human Design Essential Oils Generator Ginger

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