Human Design + Essential Oils: Reflectors

Human Design and Essential Oils for Reflectors

Reflectors are really special beings making up about 1% of the human population. They’re here to to be a gauge for the state of the environment they’re in, and mirrors to reflect back to the individuals around them.

They have all 9 energy centers open, completely white if you look at their chart. Open center are where you take IN energy + amplify it. This means they need to release a lot more at the end of the day than other types. These oils can be really helpful with that!

Reflectors need to wait an entire lunar cycle before making big decisions. MELISSA, the oil of light, is a rare (like Reflectors) high vibrational oil that helps one connect to their inner guidance + spiritual guidance.

Reflectors feel disappointment when they pick up low vibrations in the world around them, OR when they weren’t given enough time to make a decision. TEA TREE is the oil of energetic boundaries. This oil can help one prioritize personal boundaries + release negative energy.

VANILLA is the oil of unfolding. It encourages one to live in a place of creativity, optimism, light + FUN. Live life joyfully + experience the SURPRISES that awaken from wonder.

Human Design Essential Oils Reflector Melissa
Human Design Essential Oils Reflector Tea Tree
Human Design Essential Oils Reflector Vanilla

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