Virgo – The Alchemist, the Healer, the Divine Mother, the Dark Feminine

Virgo - The Alchemist, the Healer, the Divine Mother, the Dark Feminine

She’s honest, thorough, and has the ability to open deep wounds so that they may come forth for healing. Virgo is the healer AND the medicine.

Virgo is an alchemist and priestess with the gift of TRANSMUTATION. She sees every imperfection, even in herself, which can lead to criticism and judgement. But from the highest perspective, in every imperfection she also sees the greatest potential. Her gift is taking something, or someone, at it’s very worst and transmuting it into something of PURE BEAUTY. She intuitively knows how to pull something out of the darkness and into the light.

Virgo is the DIVINE FEMININE. She is the only zodiac constellation depicted as a woman. She represents the purity and GRACE that overflows from the YIN energies within us all. It’s incredibly important for Men and those in the shadow of their feminine to embrace the raw vulnerability and delicate darkness of Virgo. She does NOT fuck around. She will reflect back to you your impurities so you can heal yourself. Trust HER and you will know how to trust YOURSELF.

Virgo makes a Sextile to two Water Signs, Cancer and Scorpio. Birth and death. She is the Earth vessel that holds these divine waters, to ground our earthly experience in this incarnation. These three signs work beautifully together and take us from the maiden, to the mother, to the wise woman, to the crone.

(With all this talk about “mothers” and the “feminine” I would like to make a point that this isn’t about gender, but about an archetypal principle that we ALL hold.)

Often in Astrology, the Moon is depicted as the mother. In my personal opinion, the Moon is the WOMB, the portal through which we incarnated. When we look to our Moon sign we see the environment that feels the most safe and secure. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and represents the sacred waters that we develop our earthly bodies in. Cancer is nourishing, caring, and fiercely protective. She rules the womb, breasts and the divine milk that’s perfectly designed for her baby… but VIRGO is the Earth Mother.

The Earth is our true mother, and as an Earth Sign, Virgo has a direct connection to the heart of Mother Gaia. When you look to the House that Virgo rules in your chart, you may not see your mother, but you’ll know HOW you need to BE mothered. In Astrology we don’t calculate the Earth Sign because it’s considered the center of the natal chart, but in Human Design it’s calculated as the opposing point to your Sun Sign. Your Earth Sign will tell you how to GROUND yourself, your Virgo House will tell you WHAT area of life needs the most grounding.

I like to think of the Virgo archetype as your best friend’s mom, or your mom’s best friend, or the cool Aunt… She’s the one you go to when you need help and advice. Maybe you have something you don’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone else including your own mother. Virgo can keep your secret. Virgo can guide you in the right direction. Virgo can help you feel comfortable in your darkness. Virgo holds space for our wounds and provides the soft comfort we need in our most vulnerable places.

Xo- Kelly


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