Human Design – Gate 32 – Continuity

Human Design Gate 32 Continuity

Gate 32 – Continuity

In Human Design there are 64 GATES
. These Gates are energetic filters. As the SUN travels through the sky it spends approximately 5.7 days in each Gate.

(64 x 5.7 = 365)

For those 5.7 days, the neutrino stream coming through the Sun infuses everything on our planet with this specific energy imprint.

At the end of Libra Season the Sun will be
traveling through GATE 32
. Here’s what that means collectively AND for you personally…

Gate 32 is the Gate of Continuity. All 7 Gates of the Spleen have a “nose for…” something. The Splenic Gates have an intuitive sense that cannot, and should not, try to be explained. That’s the mind’s arena, not the Spleen’s. The intuitive knowings of each Gate simply drop in, in the NOW.

Gate 32 has a nose for SUCCESS. It senses when something will be successful, of value, or a complete failure. It knows whether or not something is a good investment of time, and when it’s time to quit. It has the ability to zoom out and see the whole picture. It’s through this wide-lens perspective that it can guide others to their highest potential.

Gate 32 is a part of the tribal circuitry. The intuition for success is here to help communities and the collective, rather than just the individual with this gift.

If you have Gate 32 activated in your chart, you will see it colored in. This means you have an intuitive sense of success and failure. You are meant to share your inner knowings with the world! We need your perspective to keep us on track.

If this Gate is white in your chart, you do not consistently carry this energy, but you will experience it during this transit.

The SHADOW of Gate 32 is the fear of failure. Having a strong sense of success/failure can make one deeply afraid of failure, versus seeing failure as a turning point/lesson. On one end this shadow can manifest as the need to isolate oneself, on the other end, codependency. Both come from distrusting your intuition.

The lesson of Gate 32 is to TRUST your instincts when it comes to success and failure. Know that this sense is your gift to share with the world!

During this transit contemplate your relationship to success and failure. Are you and your tribe thriving, or merely surviving?



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Human Design Gate 32 Continuity

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