Human Design – Gate 50 – Values

Human Design Gate 50 The Gate of Values

Gate 50 – Values

In Human Design there are 64 GATES
. These Gates are energetic filters. As the SUN travels through the sky it spends approximately 5.7 days in each Gate.

(64 x 5.7 = 365)

For those 5.7 days, the neutrino stream coming through the Sun infuses everything on our planet with this specific energy imprint.

The end of Libra Season/beginning of Scorpio Season the Sun travels through GATE 50. Here’s what that means collectively AND for you personally…

Gate 50 is the Gate of Values. It’s focus is on caring for, and upholding the values of the tribe. It protective, law-abiding and concerned with the overall wellbeing of it’s community. It’s natural instinct is to heal the tribe by living in integrity with it’s own values, and elevate the tribe by addressing the needs of those members who are dependent, or suffering.

However, Gate 50 has a strong sense of right and wrong, and can detect corruption. If it feels the “laws” are unfair, imbalanced, or not in the best interest of the collective, it’s instinct will be to stand up for the group. No one shall be compromised in the eyes of Gate 50.

Gate 50 serves the group. It’s main purpose is to create HARMONY + EQUILIBRIUM. It knows that in order to raise the vibration of the entire group, it needs to address those individuals operating at lower frequencies. This is where the energy comes in to NURTURE those in need. Gate 50 is an inclusive motherly-type energy.

The key to honoring this energy is to honor YOURSELF first. Self-care is critical before offering your energy to help others. It’s like the saying “ you can’t pour from an empty cup…” In Gate 50’s case, this couldn’t be more true. The more you VALUE yourself, the more energy you’ll have to protect the VALUES of your tribe.

Gate 50 is a part of the tribal circuitry. It intuitively upholds the moral code of it’s tribe. It’s the tribal lawmaker and harmonizer.

If you have Gate 50 activated in your chart, you will see it colored in. This means you have the ability to nurture your tribe and uphold a sense of values that benefits everyone.

If this Gate is white in your chart, you do not consistently carry this energy, but you will experience it during this transit.

The SHADOW of Gate 50 is the fear of responsibility. If it’s living out of fear and guilt, or hasn’t established clear boundaries, or isn’t taking time to care for itself, it can experience burnout and the sense of failing others.

The lesson of Gate 50 is to HONOR and VALUE yourself. This creates a ripple effect of morality that’s felt by those in your community.

During this transit contemplate your value system. Are you living in INTEGRITY with your value system? How is your energetic health impacting those around you? Are you taking responsibility for your energy?



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Human Design Gate 50 The Gate of Values

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