Human Design – Gate 28 – The Game Player

Human Design Gate 28 The Gate of the Game Player

Gate 28 – The Game Player

In Human Design there are 64 GATES
. These Gates are energetic filters. As the SUN travels through the sky it spends approximately 5.7 days in each Gate.

(64 x 5.7 = 365)

For those 5.7 days, the neutrino stream coming through the Sun infuses everything on our planet with this specific energy imprint.

The beginning of Scorpio Season the Sun travels through GATE 28. Here’s what that means collectively AND for you personally…

Gate 28 is the Gate of the Game Player. It has an intuitive knowing for when something in life is worth fighting for. It’s on a constant quest for PURPOSE with a willingness to courageously risk it all in order to find MEANING in life.

Gate 28 is designed to live life to the fullest, savoring every MOMENT. There’s more to life than meets the eye, and if anyone is going to explore the edges of their comfort zone it’s GATE 28.

Always the adventurer, Gate 28 contains the bravery and wisdom to face the darkness and TRANSFORM it into LIGHT.

The fear behind Gate 28 is the fear of death, specifically the fear of dying without purpose. The overwhelming feeling of purposelessness and hopelessness can send Gate 28 into a depressed state. Depression can feel like the weight of the world pressing down on your mind, body and spirit. It’s a low frequency that feels like energetic paralysis. The want to break free from this weight can sometimes lead to mindless risk-taking, which can be dangerous.

To reach true freedom and fullness in life, Gate 28 asks us to face our shadows. Our SHADOWS are where our true gifts hide. And our purpose is to uncover them.

Gate 28 is a part of the individual knowing circuit. It’s about trusting your intuition on what’s worth fighting for, and discovering what is meaningful to YOU in life. In living your truth, you will inspire others to do the same.

If you have Gate 28 activated in your chart, you will see it colored in. This means you are driven to find purpose and meaning in life. Your Strategy + Authority will lead you in the right direction.

If this Gate is white in your chart, you do not consistently carry this energy, but you will experience it during this transit.

The SHADOW of Gate 28 is the fear of death. Gate 28 is keenly aware that life itself is a guarantee of death. This creates the feeling that time is running out, immediately taking you out of the present moment.

The lesson of Gate 28 is to be TRUE TO YOURSELF. Let your intuition guide you. Your fears hold the key to your freedom, and the moments of stillness are filled with wisdom. STAY PRESENT and you’ll never miss out on the fullness of life.

During this transit contemplate what a meaningful life is to YOU… Can you trust your intuition to guide you through the darkness and into your fullest expression of light?




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Human Design Gate 28 The Gate of the Game Player

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