Human Design – Gate 44 – Alertness

Human Design Gate 44 Alertness

Gate 44 – Alertness

In Human Design there are 64 GATES
. These Gates are energetic filters. As the SUN travels through the sky it spends approximately 5.7 days in each Gate.

(64 x 5.7 = 365)

For those 5.7 days, the neutrino stream coming through the Sun infuses everything on our planet with this specific energy imprint.

During Scorpio Season the Sun travels through GATE 44. Here’s what that means collectively AND for you personally…


Gate 44 is the Gate of Alertness. It comes out of the Spleen and points towards Gate 26 in the Ego Center creating the Channel of Surrender. This energy is very much concerned with the material world, resources, and the survival and evolution of the tribe.

The Spleen has to do with survival instincts, intuition, and the immune system. All Gates of the Spleen having a knows/”nose” for something. Gate 44 has “nose” for success. It just knows when something will WORK. It’s gift is pattern recognition. It has a sense for what worked and didn’t work in the past, and what will work in the future. It could be about person, place, thing, or group. It detects trends, recognizes cycles and patterns, and KNOWS exactly when it’s time for a new template.

Gate 44 has a “nose”, or strong intuition about people. Biologically this Gate is linked to our sense of smell, but instinctually it can “smell” a lie, OR the truth. The key with Gate 44 is to learn to TRUST your intuition in the MOMENT. The potential to transform and heal is only found in the PRESENT. Gate 44 knows that it’s only in the present that we can heal ancestral, familial and personal wounds. (It gives Chiron energy – the wounded healer).

The gift of Gate 44 is teamwork. When we recognize and honor the abilities and strengths we all bring to the table, we can flourish and move into the best possible version of the future.

Gate 44 is a part of the community ego circuit, which is tribal circuitry. It’s intuitive nature is here to support the community by transforming mistakes of the past into wisdom of the future. It knows that collaboration is essential to innovative creations, and who will work well together.

If you have Gate 44 activated in your chart, you will see it colored in. You’re here to nurture the community through your unique perspective as a trendsetter, curator, marketer, and manager.

If this Gate is white in your chart, you do not consistently carry this energy, but you will experience it during this transit.

The SHADOW of Gate 44 is the fear of past. The fear is that the past will repeat itself and you won’t be able to break from that destructive pattern.

The lesson of Gate 44 is to LEARN from past mistakes, but to also release those fears so you can LIVE fully in the present.

During this transit consider where you’re still hanging on to the past. Is it preventing you from moving forward? Stay ALERT, trust your instincts, and work together with the people aligned to the vision you hold of the future.




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Human Design Gate 44 Alertness

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