Human Design – Gate 1 – Self-Expression

Human Design Gate 1 Self-Expression

Gate 1 – Self-Expression

In Human Design there are 64 GATES
. These Gates are energetic filters. As the SUN travels through the sky it spends approximately 5.7 days in each Gate.

(64 x 5.7 = 365)

For those 5.7 days, the neutrino stream coming through the Sun infuses everything on our planet with this specific energy imprint.

During Scorpio Season the Sun travels through GATE 1. Here’s what that means collectively AND for you personally…

Gate 1 is the Gate of Self-Expression. It comes out of the G-Center and points towards Gate 8 in the Throat Center creating the Channel of Inspiration. This energy carries the potential to be a creative role model through it’s own unique self-expression.

The G-Center is our Center of Identity, Direction and Love. Gate 1 expresses it’s identity through raw, authentic, creativity. It’s direction in life reveals itself through creative and artistic inspiration, particularly when it’s deep in it’s own process, uninfluenced by the opinions or views of others. However, it is through this same principle that Gate 1 can also greatly empower those around it to follow their own unique path in life.

Gate 1 is the first “Gate”, bringing along with it the energy of ONE. Newness, freshness, and leadership. It is the most YANG of all the Gates, powerful and full of creative potential.

Gate 1 is a true ARTIST in the sense that inspiration flows through the individual, and then expresses itself in a totally unique way. This is a highly creative mind with tremendous potential to empower the collective simply by BEING the most authentic version of itself. Gate 1 is like an inspiration siphon that pulls in creative power and releases it out into the world.

Gate 1 is a part of the Individual Knowing Circuit. The Individual Circuit’s energy theme is EMPOWERMENT. It is through self-empowerment that you activate this highly mutative energy. By honoring your individuality and creative process, you empower others to do the same.

If you have Gate 1 activated in your chart, you will see it colored in. You’re here to be the most authentic version of YOU. Honor your creative cycles and allow inspiration to guide you.

If this Gate is white in your chart, you do not consistently carry this energy, but you will experience it during this transit, or in the presence of someone with this Gate defined.

The SHADOW of Gate 1 is feeling as though you’re not creative enough (aka good enough). That you must be able to output all the time. Or believing that something is wrong with you when you feel blue, or melancholy.

The lesson of Gate 1 is that melancholy is also a place where we hold the deepest creative potential. Darkness is where the seeds of creation root + eventually sprout. Through divine alignment your creativity and individuality will BLOOM and inspire others.

During this transit honor your individuality. Embrace your authenticity. And remember that inspiration will always drop in at the perfect time.




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Human Design Gate 1 Self-Expression

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