Pisces Season 2024

Pisces Season 2024

The Sun moves into the watery Sign of Pisces offering an escape from the mentality of mind-ruled Aquarius. Pisces is the last Sign of the zodiac encompassing everything that came before it. It’s oneness and universal love.

You may notice your emotional sensitivity and intuition are amplified during this time. There’s a vulnerability with Pisces that’s expansive and heart-opening, but when the Sun joins Mercury and Saturn February 28th, there is an emphasis on creating energetic boundaries to protect your heart and mind.

This can be a deeply healing time. Tap into your imagination. Express yourself in creative ways. Escape into books, art, music and movies. Look for romance and beauty in unexpected places. Reflect. Dream.


Element: Water
Modality (Quality): Mutable
Energy: Feminine | Yin | Night | Nocturnal
Ruler: Jupiter (Traditional) | Neptune (Modern)
Symbol: Fish
Body: Feet + Lymphatic System
Polarity: Virgo

Pisces Season Important Dates:

2/18 – Sun enters Pisces
2/22 – Mercury enter Pisces
2/24 – Full Moon in Virgo
3/9 – Mercury enters Aries
3/10 – New Moon in Pisces
3/11 – Venus enters Pisces

Pisces Season Sun Gates:

2/14 – Gate 30 – Feelings
2/20 – Gate 55 – Abundance
2/25 – Gate 37 – The Family
3/2 – Gate 63 – After Completion
3/8 – Gate 22 – Grace
3/13 – Gate 36 – Darkening of the Light
3/19 – Gate 25 – Innocence


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