Human Design Reading Astrology


Aura Architecture Reading: 1 hour – $111

You came here with a signature blueprint, your unique architecture. This blueprint/architecture is like a treasure map to your soul’s gifts + innate strengths! In this 60 minute session we’ll explore your Human Design Chart, with insights from your Astrological Chart. We’ll uncover your gifts + strengths while providing you with tools to live your PURPOSE with ease + flow.


relationship architecture reading


Relationship Architecture Reading: 1 hour – $111

In this 60 minute session we’ll take a look at your relationship through the lens of Human Design + Astrology. Through synastry we can overlap your charts with those of your love, your friend, or even your child, to get a clear picture of the relationship dynamics. This information can take your relationship to a deeper level of understanding + truth. 



Tribe Architecture Reading: 2 hours – $222

This extended reading is designed for couples + families. We’ll explore + compare the charts of each person’s Human Design Charts with insights from their Astrological Charts. Knowing the inner workings, soul gifts + strengths of your loved ones can bring clarity + ease to each relationship. 


Align and Alchemize Human Design Reading


Align + Alchemize: 4 1-hour Sessions – $399

This package includes 4 1-hour sessions in both Human Design + Astrology + Intuitive Oracle readings. This deep dive into your cosmic blueprint will extensively highlight HOW you are designed, WHAT your soul gifts are + WHO you’re meant be at this time. You’ll also receive a customized essential oil blend + booklet!