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Category Archives: Latest News

Human Design + Essential Oils: Generators

Human Design and Essential Oils Generator

  The Generator strategy is waiting to respond with your sacral (this sounds like “uh-huh” or “un uh”) before taking action. This requires patience + trust. FRANKINCENSE is the oil of Truth. It can help one feel a deeper connection to their bodies + Source energy. It can also be grounding helping one feel more […]

Human Design + Essential Oils: Manifestors

Human Design Manifestor Essential Oils

To all the fire-starting Manifestors, here are my top essential oil picks for you! I actually have two very important Manifestors in my life, my son Teddy, + my brother Sean 🤍 Manifestors are here to innovate, create + initiate. Their Strategy is “to inform” and because this type moves so quickly on their urges […]

Essential Oils + Chakras

essential oils + chakras

Essential oils + chakras It all begins with energy… There is a powerful energy (Chi (Chinese), Ki (Japanese) or Prana(Indian)) that flows within us connecting the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It connects us to our higher selves- Self, Source energy, and the oneness of pure, unconditional Love. When this energy is flowing freely we […]