Essential Oils

Essential Oils, specifically doTERRA, have been a part of my family’s daily life for NINE years now. I have used them as a holistic approach to health care for my family. I’ve used them for emotional, and mood support. I’ve taught many Yoga classes enhanced with the power of essential oils. AND most recently I’ve been diving into the energetics of these potent plant essences.

In my work with Human Design and Astrology I’ve seen first hand how essential oils can help one tap into their own INNER WISDOM through the wisdom of the Earth herself.

Each drop has been a gift that has changed our lives in more ways than we could have ever imagined!

Since 2014 I’ve made it my mission to share these beautiful oils with EVERYONE. Mother nature got it right, now we need to educate ourselves, and our future generations to take these beautiful gifts, and use them to create true health + wellness in a way only Mama Earth can.


Aries season Oils:

Aries Season Essential Oils
Aries Season Essential Oils
Aries Season Essential Oils


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doTERRA makes it really easy to SHOP. You can simply choose one of their Starter Bundles (pictured above). You can CREATE YOUR OWN BUNDLE, customized with the exact oils/products you need. OR you can purchase individual oils one by one. The best part is that once you get started doTERRA gives you 25% off for an entire year (aka wholesale pricing)!

If you have questions, or would like to chat about your essential oil selection please fill out my CONTACT FORM.

There are THOUSANDS of ways to use these oils and I have a ton of recommendations too. But the best way to learn is through experimentation and PLAY. There are aromas that invigorate, and aromas that calm. Oils that can help with digestion, and oils that can help with immune support. They’ve replaced so many products in my home from my medicine cabinet, to my beauty routine.

And as a Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon and Virgo Rising (all EARTH signs) it has been truly empowering to connect with nature all year around in this sustainable way!

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